Welcome to ICSB 2022!

Edda Klipp

On behalf of all the organizers, welcome to Berlin!

Our goal with ICSB 2022 is to re-ignite the vibrant field of systems biology. We have selected a set of topics and speakers we think can excite you all and we hope you will enjoy our great city and the programme and please SUBMIT YOUR WORK.

Rune Linding

Please join us in making ICSB 2022 the best ICSB ever. We are going all in on trying to reboot the community after the pandemic. This meeting will be in person and full of exciting science including yours, so please submit your work :)

Organizer Team

Edda Klipp (HUB, Conference Chair)

Rune Linding (HUB, Chair)

Martin Falcke (MDC, Co-organizer)

Clemens Schmitt (Charité, Co-organizer)

Erich Wanker (MDC, Co-organizer)

Alex Hoffmann (UCLA, Co-organizer)

Jan Hasenauer (UniBonn, Co-organizer)