Digital Accessibility Statement

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin always strives to make its website as barrier-free as possible. Requirements for this are laid down in the law on barrier-free information and communication technology in Berlin (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility result from BITV 2.0.

This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the website.

The last check was carried out on 01/07/2022. It was found that parts of the website do not fully meet the requirements. This includes:

Images: Images that were integrated into pages were not supplemented with text descriptions in some places. As a rule, these pictures are "decorative pictures" whose content is low.

Accessibility Statement for The ICSB 2022 Conference

ICSB is a strong believer in diversity as an underlying power of great science and innovation, thus we want our conference to be open to anybody no matter what. For information about special needs or physical access to the conference, conference venues and hotel please contact the chairs and we will do everything to help. Generally Berlin and public transport systems here are relatively accessible.

Help with access problems contact INFO@ICSB2022.BERLIN